After my studies in IT as an Analyst Developer, I started my career in Luxembourg in a software editing company focusing on the financial sector.

I was 23 years old and my first job was in an application support team. I was supporting some sales activities, software integration, maintenance, and migration for the client. In 1998, it was the rush around EURO and Y2K and I had the opportunity to “drive” several consultants implementing those requirements on the back office software.

Later, I moved to another department and I had the chance to lead a small team to build up new middleware that consisted of the integration of two platforms. Our new front office system was written in Powerbuilder and Sybase database, with the back office system through an IBM middle system.

At this time, early 1998, we were looking at the message queuing mechanism such as SOAP protocol to make the link between them, and I was enthusiastic about the possibilities to learn many new technologies.

It was also for me a real opportunity to discuss the software architecture with very experienced colleagues, indeed I was evolving from a monolithic system “mainframe” to client-server, and finally, multi-tier environments using a proprietary protocol to manage distributed object applications and CORBA.

These projects were complex and quite in the cutting edge of technologies.
It was at that time that I realized, even more, deeper that we would need to be more “flexible” and “open-minded” to succeed to produce something. My personal feeling was a kind of let’s go!

Indeed, I realized that it was far too much difficult and time-consuming to make an up-front analysis and outline design of all aspects of such interfaces.
I have started to think that it will be more valuable to breakdown the functions and receive feedback loop from the customer to move forward.

Later, I was involved in an R&D department to experiment with a new front system directly implemented in J2EE.
That was fun, as back in time it was relatively new to have such of project related to emerging technology using XML/CSS/HTML and JavaScript. We build on own orchestration server to combine business function more easily. It was inspired by BPEL but unfortunately, we never had the chance to finalize this due to poor sponsoring.

In 2004, I decided to move to a financial institution as part of the IT department team. It was for me an opportunity to see things from the other side as until now banks were my clients.

After some work on their E-banking system, I have been asked to work on their fund administration system, in this context it was something relatively new for me as previously I was in the field of Assent Management for private clients. One of the major projects during 2006/2007 was the migration of a new platform Multifonds. This platform is mainly based on Oracle it was a good opportunity to learn PL/SQL, and learn from SQL Loader thus as their Infocenter.

I have tackled several projects all bank related like Implementation of a new Transfer Agent, new Trading platform and face several changes which by the way demonstrate to me that having good governance would help and that is why I have passed my Prince2 PM certification.

In 2013, I have faced significant changes as being part of IT, indeed the bank decided to implement a totally new solution in the bank.
This was huge consequences especially because all aspect of the organization was impacted and the approach was a BIG BANG.

We spent 3 years implementing, and release the production platform on 01/01/2016, it was quite tough and indeed I always thought about the Agile & SCRUM framework would help us to use a different approach and it why I have passed my SCRUM MASTER certification.

Sometime after we went live, I realized that change management is a major aspect that needs absolutely to be taken into consideration because indeed human aspect is crucial, and we need the buy-in in such huge changes and I have therefore decided that I will pass the certification in this matter.

2018, the bank is going to shut down their business in Luxembourg.
OK, that is a new BIG change, just after having a tough project related to regulation, it hurt.

However, it is also a good opportunity to make a new career and to build something that may be different.

I am today offering all my skills to fulfil all your needs, my values are that people come first, integrity is not negotiable, learning is nice and indeed feedback is a major key to improve.