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We provide coaching, both in English and in French. We can coach remotely, via video conference, or in person, depending on your preference (and of course the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic around the world).

Sessions usually last about 1 hour. We would start with a single Discovery Session to discuss your objectives, how the coaching would work and whether we wish to move forward together. From that point, a typical contract will be for 6 sessions. This can be extended, or shortened, by mutual agreement.

Sessions will be scheduled at mutually convenient times. They can be weekly, every 2 or 3 weeks or even monthly. You pay as you go, so no up-front expense, and if the contract is suspended or shortened, you will only have paid for the sessions that actually take place.

We adhere to the International Coaching Federation standards in terms of core competencies and code of ethics.

The first session is free with no obligation, no hard-sell and no pressure!